FAQs about Global ATS-V 2020


Q: The event runs from 9am Central European time (3am EST) to 6pm EST (12 Midnight CET), 10-12 November – Do I have to man my booth for the entire time?

A: If you wish to you can, perhaps staffing in shifts, or making use of your staff in both regions. You can also let delegates know when your booth will be manned and allow them to leave a message for you to reconnect when you are available. This does not mean staff has to be ‘there’, but to be monitoring for messages.


Q: Why so long each day?

A: The event is constructed to offer European content during the early part of the event (EATS), a combined section in the middle for both Europe/Americas and the latter part of the day for the Americas’ (WATS/RATS) delegates you are interested in meeting at your booth. A virtual event definitely requires this because the casual meeting in the aisle or at lunch is not possible. Your company and your booth will be promoted by Halldale before, during, and after the event, and delegates can certainly find you as they would at a live event; but we suggest a real effort on your behalf too! All delegates can be messaged before, during, and after the event. 


Q: Who will be invited?

A: Halldale has already started attendee promotions via direct, indirect and social media invitations (please like and share Twitter, FB and LI!). All airline, government, not-for-profit and academic attendees who have attended WATS, APATS, EATS and our Restarting the Engines series of webinars from 2018 to September of 2020 will be invited to attend free of charge. This includes over 5000 handpicked and self-selected training professionals. Our global CAT database will also be used to promote attendance.


Q: How can I use my booth?

A: As well as arranging meetings via your booth into your existing Zoom, Teams or similar platform, you can respond to emails and messages. You can add a video, static and dynamic posters and can arrange product demos or thought leadership discussions. And the platform can enable these functions 24/7.


Q: How long will my booth be live?

A: The booth will be live through 10-12 November and for 30 days post event. 


Q: Can I track visitors to my booth?

A: Yes. It will be possible to capture visitor data and what they have downloaded or participated in via the analytics and lead tracking functions.


Q: Why have you combined Exhibits and Sponsorship?

A: There is limited space available, and we understand that resources are stretched, so offering a combined package provides you the best visibility, brand exposure, and value to attract delegates to learn more about your company.