Captain Yann Lardet

Vice President, Flight Operations Support & Training Standards, Airbus

Captain Yann Lardet is an Airbus Vice President in charge of Flight Operations Support and Training Standards. 

Test Pilot and Senior Examiner, he is qualified on all Airbus fly-by-wire, including the recently added A220 and the large A380. Yann Lardet is an active airline pilot with a global flight experience gained on Military, Commercial and Presidential flights. This includes 100+ war missions.

An an intrapreneur, he started Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) in 2014 and turned a $100M investment into a massive commercial success with more than 50 airlines trained to date. Since then AATC has become the largest Airbus Training Centre worldwide. 

In Airbus Flight Test, he flies prototypes during development and production phase. Yann and his teams are supporting airline flight operations with a global presence. One of the major aspects of this role includes the definition of Airbus training standards and related policies.