Human Trafficking in Today’s Environment

Perpetrators of human trafficking maintain highly organized networks across the globe and do their best to avoid detection, especially when on the move. We, in the commercial aviation industry, have an opportunity and responsibility to be well-informed and well-trained to partner with law enforcement and other agencies to recognize perpetrators and victims. In a panel format, Tagg Petersen, Jamie Dotson, and Kari Kriesel of Southwest Airlines, along with Elaine McCartin of The Polaris Project, will share their partnership to address this worldwide epidemic through adjustments in standards, operating procedures, training, and taking more of a public stance against Human Trafficking.


Tagg Petersen, Sr. Strategic Learning Partner, Inflight Training, Southwest Airlines University

As Southwest Airlines University’s (SWA) Strategic Learning Partner for Inflight Training, Tagg holds a key role as the strategic link between Southwest’s Inflight Operations Team and SWA University.  He has completed Inflight Initial Training and is Crew Qualified at Southwest. Previously, he was Director of Business Development at Maestro where he led a sales team in developing new business opportunities, refining process and supporting key accounts in strategic planning and project initiatives. Tagg has also held roles in marketing and media strategy. 

Jamie Dotson, Manager Employee Insights, Inflight Operations, Southwest Airlines

Jamie’s Southwest journey began in 2001. After serving in roles in Ground Operations and Customer Support, Jamie worked as a Flight Attendant for nine years and then transitioned into a Leadership role in Dallas. In her current role, Jamie is responsible for engaging with Flight Attendants in-person and through feedback channels, monitoring the pulse of what is important. She tracks the sentiment and data which allows Leadership to drive change and equip Flight Attendants with the tools they need to be successful.

Kari Kriesel, Mgr IF Safety Standards & Reg Compliance, Inflight Operations, Southwest Airlines

Kari began her airline career with Sun Country Airlines. While there, she held the positons of Flight Attendant and Base Supervisor. Kari then moved to Compass Airlines as their Manager of Inflight Standards as well as Manager of SMS. She joined Southwest Airlines in 2017 as a Manager of Inflight Safety and Regulatory Compliance where Kari focuses on developing Inflight procedures, maintaining the Flight Attendant Manual, and participating on the ASAP Event Review Committee.

Elaine McCartin, Corporate Partnerships and Training Manager, Polaris

Elaine McCartin began working at Polaris in January 2015 and currently serves as the Corporate Partnerships and Training Manager. Ms. McCartin builds and stewards engaging and sustainable corporate partnerships that support Polaris’s mission to end human trafficking with a focus on anti-trafficking training programs for targeted industries.