Raghoonundun Gunputh, Lufthansa Aviation Training

Re-Defining Tomorrow’s Training

The ever-growing challenges and unpredictable consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic urges airlines to reflect upon their training practices since maintaining business as usual is just not sustainable within such financial restraints and health restrictions. The intended presentation shall explore the extent to which new training strategy, means and approaches could support airlines achieve set training standards in a cost effective and efficient way.

We at Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) have continuously been exploring new technology trends and training methods to react to the uncertain and ambiguous field in which the airline industry operates. We thrive to develop innovative training solutions whether virtual reality (VR), distance learning etc. that help reach the learning outcomes, while also reducing training costs. After appropriate training needs analysis, we are confident that a competency based and blended training approach would be the most promising strategy to survive the forthcoming impacts.

The world of digital technology will continue changing the way we train and overrule traditional approaches. Therefore, it´s important to reflect on the extent to which an instructor led training will be applicable. However, new training technologies all have their advantages and limitations. It is therefore even more important to carefully plan such implementation through a well thought strategy. We at LAT are working on a blended approach that shall provide the appropriate balance between instructor led training, self-directed learning, virtual learning, coaching and mentoring to support the learning outcomes.

The aim of the presentation is to explore and discuss ways forward in implementing promising, effective and efficient training approaches.

Birdy Raghoonundun Gunputh, Product Manager Safety Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training

Raghoonundun Gunputh (Nickname: Birdy) is the Product Manager Safety Training at Lufthansa Aviation Training, where his main area of responsibility is to manage the product portfolio for SEP, First Aid, Security procedures and Dangerous Goods training.

He holds a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Open University UK.

In his past 32 years’ experience within the airline industry, Birdy started as a cabin crew on long and short haul and afterwards spent 24 years in the field of safety training. During this period, he gained the competencies as a SEP, CRM and Security Trainer and took over the role of Manager Safety Training at different airlines for 19 years before joining Lufthansa Aviation Training. Within this journey, he has been involved in enhancing the designing and delivery of safety training in an ever-changing operational environment.

As a member if the ICAO Cabin Safety Group, Birdy extends his engagement in the field of safety and training in the airline industry.
His latest projects have been to introduce VR Technology at Lufthansa Aviation Training for cabin crew and explore means of re-shaping future training with vital ongoing projects to deal with the ever-changing nature of the operational field of the airline industry.