Captain Paul Reuter

Captain, B737-700 & -800, Luxair

Paul Reuter has been an airline pilot since 1995 is currently a Captain on the Boeing 737-700 and -800 for Luxair, which he joined in 1996.

Until 2018 a Director, Technical Affairs for the European Cockpit Association, he is currently the chairman of EPPSI, the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative, regrouping major European Peer Support organizations and promoting Peer Support best practices.

He has been a member of the EASA Germanwings Task Force and has contributed to the Task Force’s Final Report and is a member of the Steering Board of EASA’s Data4Safety initiative.

Paul is also involved in the Just Culture aspects of Safety Management and he is an IFALPA Accredited Aviation Accident Investigator. He was also co-chair on the DG Move’s European Industry Just Culture Model Policy Working Group.

In the past, he was the President of ALPL, Luxembourg’s Airline Pilot Association as well as a member of the Board of Directors for Luxair.

Maybe a Just Culture is “Just” Not Enough?

Just Culture has become a cornerstone of the airline industry’s Safety management. However, we should ask ourselves if, beyond the regulatory compliance regarding Just Culture, we are not missing the bigger picture.

Beyond focussing on “Just Culture” we should take a long hard look at organisational cultures in general in our industry and understand that if we widen the scope on culture, we can achieve not only safety, but also create workplaces that help organisations move forward toward being more successful and more resilient.