Noel Houlihan, Aer Lingus

Responding to the Recurrent Training Requirements in the "New Normal"

The aim of the presentation is to highlight how we have dramatically changed the delivery of recurrent training in this new normal while aiming to maintain the same level of interaction with crew.

In the presentation I will discuss how we analysed existing training content and EASA requirements and developed our initial response to the new normal within a two month period. I will look at the two phased approach we adopted for the required changes and highlight the issues and concerns we encountered along the way. 

I will look at how the new normal has accelerated change within our training environment and discuss the many positive and negatives we discovered along the way. I will also highlight some of the foreseen and unforeseen problems we have encountered and how we are tackling the issues  as crew come to terms with the new learning environment. Finally I will take an honest and open look at effect this rapid change has had on the training team and our crew colleagues and what our thoughts are for the future delivery of training in the post pandemic environment.

Noel Houlihan, Safety Training Officer and Chief Instructor CTTO, Aer Lingus

I started my career as cabin crew 19 years ago initially with Aer Lingus before leaving to take up roles with a number of regional Irish carriers including Aer Lingus Commuter and Aer Arann. I have specialised in a number of management and training roles during this time including Safety & Emergency Procedures training before eventually re-joining Aer Lingus in 2012 in my current role as Safety Training Officer. Today I am a multi-disciplined training instructor with qualifications in Cabin Safety, CRM, Dangerous Goods, First Aid and  I hold a certificate in Aviation Security. I am responsible for leading a team of 35 safety instructors within the Aer Lingus Training Academy and CCTO and my main role includes the day to day running of the Training Academy together with the development of safety and training material across multiple traditional and digital platforms.