Chief Technology Officer, Paladin AI

Mikhail Klassen is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Paladin AI, a venture-backed AI technology startup in Montreal that offers training centres the ability to affordably transition to competency-based training using AI-powered training analytics software. Mikhail holds a PhD in astrophysics from McMaster University and a BSc in applied physics from Columbia University. He is an expert in data mining and machine learning.

The Implications of AI for Pilot Training

Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed the extraordinary success of deep learning systems, enabled by the exponential increase in computing power available to anyone with an internet connection. These systems are inspired by the biology of brains and are “trained” with data to recognize patterns and make predictions.

While the aviation industry is no stranger to automation, the application of AI systems is only just beginning. They have been used to route baggage, flag high-risk passengers, and manage real-time ticket pricing.

One domain where AI has been slow to take hold has been in pilot and crew training, even through a chronic pilot shortage has placed enormous pressure on the industry to find ways of cutting costs and expanding the pilot pipeline.

In this talk, we present three areas where the AI could revolutionize pilot training: in pilot selection, in competency-based training, and in recovering from major disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We make the case that AI can bring down the costs of training while improving safety. If done correctly, AI can solve both the pilot shortage and accelerate the industry’s recovery from the pandemic.