Professor of Practice, School of Aviation & Transportation Technology, Purdue University

Professor Suckow’s aviation career spans two eras, a professional career of 17 years in flight operations within the Regional Airline industry, and his current position of 19 years as a Professor of Practice at Purdue University. His current responsibilities include mentoring and teaching senior capstone course projects and engagement activities focusing on next-generation talent development for the airline industry. Professor Suckow’s team is working to harmonize competencies, technology, and pedagogy to deliver graduates prepared for the advanced sociotechnical operating environment within aviation.

Record Enrollment During a Pandemic: A Collegiate Case Study

Collegiate aviation plays a key role in the development of the next generation of aviation professionals and leaders. Purdue University’s School of Aviation and Transportation Technology was challenged by their industrial advisory board to better equip graduates bound for a complex sociotechnical operating environment. This case study will provide an overview of the School’s response to this challenge, presenting the what, why and how the curriculum changes and technological investments are paying dividends.