Michaela Klasner, GoJet Airlines

The Virtual Classroom: One Roadmap for Getting There

When Covid-19 hit, how we train was significantly impacted. In order to maintain currency of crewmembers, in a safe and cost effective manner, new ways of training had to be explored. With the expanded use of virtual platforms for conducting business, including the use by regulators, the door for expanding this to the training environment was there. Developing a ”roadmap” for implementation, along with collaboration of the regulator, made this possible. The ”roadmap” or ”phased approach” included research of regulatory requirements, determining the most effective platform, balancing of classroom and hands-on, thru how we validate the impact and effectiveness of  this conversion. It can be accomplished and provides a solution for the unexpected.

Michaela Klasner, Director Inflight Service, GoJet Airlines

Michaela Klasner began her aviation career in 1991 with Trans States Airlines as a Flight Attendant after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She was a Flight Attendant for 8 years, later becoming an Inflight Supervisor and in 2005 the Director of Inflight Service for GoJet Airlines. Michaela started the Inflight Department at GoJet Airlines form the beginning, starting with manual writing through the certification process to obtain it’s operating certificate. Her responsibilities include oversight of both Training and Operations. In 2000, Michaela received a Master’s of Arts degree from Lindenwood University and is a Licensed Professional therapist. In addition to her role as Director of Inflight, Michaela serves on the RAA (Regional Airlines Association) Inflight committee, and has represented the RAA on several working groups, including the High Energy Fire Training Working Group (HEFTWG).