Jonathan Jasper, IATA

Understanding the Operational Challenges the Pandemic Brings to Cabin Crew Training

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, airlines have been working hard to manage the issues brought by physical distancing, disinfection, travel restrictions and fear of infection.  This extends not only to onboard activities but also within cabin crew training.  This presentation aims to highlight some of the ways in which airlines around the world have worked to overcome these challenges in efforts to ensure their cabin crew are informed, up to date and confident to operate safely during the pandemic.

Jonathan Jasper, Manager Cabin Safety, International Air Transport Association

Jonathan Jasper (JJ) has been the Manager of Cabin Safety at the International Air Transport Association for just under 5 years.

Prior to joining IATA, he worked for Virgin Atlantic Airways in the UK for 25 years as cabin crew, purser, safety training instructor and eventually Cabin Safety Procedures Officer, where he spent time writing crew procedures, manuals, handbooks, newsletters as well as handling cabin safety reports and all aspects of Cabin Safety Management within the airline.

Throughout the Covid crisis, JJ has been working on producing guidance materials to help airlines manage the operational challenges posed by health precautions and has co-ordinated IATA’s activities relating directly and indirectly to the onboard travel experience.