Franck Euzet & Marco van Sterkenburg

Pandemic-Proof Initial and Recurrent Cabin Crew Training

After corona struck, most of Air France’s cabin crew were no longer able to fully do their jobs. But being quarantined at home sparked something … With 14,000 employees waiting in uncertainty and not knowing when they can work again. The last thing that you would expect, is that employees will work on their work-related knowledge. However, that is exactly what happened!

In Charge
Air France uses Drillster for knowledge development, retention, and anchoring for cabin crew. The made short drills (short learning modules) of important subjects like dnagerous goods and flight safety. These training modules are not mandatory. They are available for cabin crew to keep their proficiency levels up year-round to easily pass the recurrent exam every year. A lot of crew members use it to save time and reduce stress. It leaves them in charge of their knowledge levels. Without management looking over their shoulders. 

When people had to sit at home, ‘wait out’ the pandemic, and anxiously see what would hapen to the airline industry, something amazing occurred. There was significantly more activity on the learning tool: the learner engagement increased. So instead of moping around and not using their drills (why bother, if you cannot fly?), cabin crew voluntarily started to use the training tool even more, to actively keep their knowledge proficiency up. This way, they kept connected to the job that they love and were ready to hop on the plane tomorrow if they could.

Intrinsically motivated
Having no pressure to do the training, made cabin crew members embrace the tool even more. There was a strong intrinsic motivation to keep knowledge up to date, stay connected, and be ready for their job when they were finally able to get back to work. That learner engagement testifies to a true passion for the job!

Franck Euzet, Cabin Safety Training & Safety Pro Level Manager, Air France

Franck is Cabin Safety Training and Safety Pro Level Manager at Air France. He works hard to provide over 15,000 flight attendants with the right knowledge and skills to execute their work adequately and safely at all times. In the 25 years that his a part of Air France, he is constantly identifying strengths and weaknesses and he keeps a close eye on trends in the field. This enables him to keep optimizing the training for the crews of 3000 commercial flights annually. 

Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO, Drillster

Marco is a visionary when it comes to education and EdTech. He is continously learning himself and is passionate to let other people learn smarter and more effective. This is also his mission with Drillster, the EdTech company that he co-founded in 2012. Drillster’s motto: Learning with you.

Marco is an experienced speaker and has given presentations at multiple international events and conferences, including the Online Educa (Berlin, 2012), The European Association for Test Publishers (Prague, 2013), NEXT Learning Event (Den Bosch, 2014), International Conference on Patient Education (Amsterdam, 2015), EATS European Airline Training Symposium (Berlin, 2017 and Madrid, 2018), Expo eLearning (Madrid, 2019) and STRS (London, 2019). He is fluent in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.