How to restart operations and maintain competences after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on aviation? EASA, Traficom and IATA highlight the EU regulator, authorities and operators reactions and their coordinated work to establish the RNO (Return to Normal Operations): from the initial steps, the pragmatic solutions to enable safe travel, with a particular focus on competences of crew training in an extended crisis, and the possible training alternatives (CBTA).

Bernard Bourdon, Head of Aircrew & Medical Department, EASA

Bernard Bourdon is Head of the Aircrew and Medical Department at the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) In Cologne (DE). Being with EASA since 2006, he previously managed the investigation & reporting activity and has over 20 years’ experience in aviation safety. Prior to EASA, he worked for 7 years in the conduct of Accident and Incident Investigation at the French BEA where he was also flying State Aircrafts. He holds a Master degree in Aeronautics from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse and started his career in 1995.

Francesco Gaetani, Manager, Air Operations Implementation Section, EASA

Francesco Gaetani has been the manager of the Air Operations Implementation Section at EASA since 2015 and member of the ICAO Flight Operations Panel since 2017. Before joining EASA in 2014 as standardization team leader, he worked for 16 years as pilot, safety officer, quality auditor and regulations manager for a large CAT operator, holding type ratings on MD80 and B777. Francesco graduated from the Italian Naval Academy, earning his degree in maritime science, became a naval aviator and then served 7 years as Harrier pilot and squadron operations officer.

Daan Dousi, Manager, Aircrew and Medical Standards and Implemetation Section, EASA

Daan Dousi is manager for Aircrew and Medical Standards and Implementation Section, responsible for overseeing the standardised implementation by the EASA member states of the EU flight crew licencing & training requirements. The section maintains those requirements by rulemaking activities. Daan has a 20-year experience in aviation, besides EASA, working for commercial airlines and a training organisation where he gained competences in airline operations, flight crew training, training organisation management and airport ground operations He holds a business and management degree and completed an integrated ATP course and type rating.

Ascanio Russo, Flight Crew Licensing Expert, EASA

Ascanio Russo has a 20-year professional experience as pilot, flying mostly the Boing fleet, besides being also a trainer, instructor and examiner, on B747. He held managerial positions, e.g. Safety Manager, Head of training, Crew training Post Holder and Flight operation Post Holder, before joining EASA as Flight Crew License Team Leader and deputy project manager of the Examiner standardization. He is Aircrew coordinator liaising with Operations counterpart on ORO.FC. He is now the Aircrew focal point for the implementation of UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) and coordinator of Flight Examiner Manual Task Force. He is also a technical advisor for DLS (Data Link Services System), PBN (Performance Based Navigation), EBT (Evidence Based Training), among others.

Capt. Giancarlo Buono, Director Safety and Flight Operations, Europe, IATA

Capt. Giancarlo Buono is the Director Safety and Flight Operations for Europe at the International Air Transport Association (IATA), based in Brussels. He represents Industry on the EASA Management Board. 30-year experience in Air Forces and Airline industry, he is qualified as a Captain on the Airbus A-320 family, holds a Master Science Degree in Air Transport Management and was involved in a number of international Safety and Quality developments programs. He is qualified as an Accident Investigator and as an IATA and ISO Quality and Safety Auditor. He is a visiting professor in Airline Regulatory Compliance at London City University and in Safety Management at Geneva University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Jani Hottola, Special Advisor, Traficom / Member of EASA General Aviation Task Force

Jani Hottola is a special adviser for the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, Traficom. He participated in different EASA rulemaking tasks and is a member of the EASA General Aviation Task Force, the co-chair of the EASA General Aviation TeB , the Flight Crew Licensing & Training Partnership Group committee member and a member of the EASA Aircrew TeB. He is a Flight Examiner (FE/CRE/IRE/Senior) and responsible for all the Flight Examination activities at the Traficom. Before becoming a civil servant, he was the Head of Training of the largest commercial ATO in Finland. Prior to that Jani worked at the service of the Finnish ANSP as a specialist in charge of the flight training for the ATCO’s.