Dejan Markovic, Deloitte Canada

Digital Twin the Co-Pilot of the Future; Trusted Data, Meaningful Analytics, Powerful Decision Making

Throughout history, people have used images and models to help them describe and solve difficult and complex problems. Over time, the capabilities to model more complex situations evolved and became increasingly more sophisticated. Pencils were replaced by computers and 2D drawings replaced by 3D models. Today’s advanced methodologies are able to simulate the geometry, operation and behavior of a product, person and even an organization; in effect bridging the divide between model and reality.

Fueled by the proliferation of IoT, big data, AI and cloud computing, digital twin technology is at an inflection point where the physical and digital worlds can be managed as one, and we can now interact with the digital doppelganger of physical things much like we would the realty. In the context of a post COVID world, this is ushering in a new era of helping companies to unlock effective recovery pathways and even new business opportunities through the lens of ‘Trusted Data, Meaningful Analytics, and Powerful Decision Making’.

Dejan Markovic, National Aviation Sector Leader, Deloitte Canada

Dejan is Deloitte’s National Aviation Leader and an aviation executive with extensive expertise leveraging innovative thinking to grow organizations in the business & commercial aviation, aerospace & defense, manufacturing, MRO, distribution and supply chain sectors.

Dejan is a strategic advisor and expert to some of the world’s leading aerospace OEMs, airlines, airports and air to ground transportation executives. He has successfully led challenging and complex projects across the airline & aerospace enterprise, including commercial strategy, M&A, operational excellence, cost reduction, aftermarket & supply chain optimization and digital transformation.

Dejan holds an MBA, a Master of Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario (Canada) and holds dual Transport Canada and FAA pilots’ licenses.