Captain Christof-J Kemény

Competency-based Pilot Online Training

As a necessary response to the pandemic, social distancing presents a new and unique challenge for educators. Thanks to technology, we can meet virtually, and the various media channels make audio and visual information accessible anywhere. 

Although I am a proponent of leveraging technologies and belief, we just scratched the surface of possibilities. That said, we must also recognize the long-term social benefits depends on our ability to effectively bridge the gap between the new reality and basic human predisposition to learning.

We now understand that evolution has provided humans with a powerful toolkit to learn a language, cooperate in groups, solve problems, plan for the future, and empathize with others. We are born ready to learn, but our brains are wired to learn more effectively under certain conditions.

Humans learn best when we ‘go with the grain of the brain’ instead of against it.

The presentation will cover my experience compiling and delivering a “Competency-Based Refresher Online Training” in a social distancing environment.

The format included recommendations outlined in IATA’s Manual “Guidance for Managing Pilot Training and Licensing During COVID-19 Operations” Edition 1 dated 22 May 2020 as well as in EASA’s Manual “Guidance for allowing virtual classroom instruction and distance learning” dated 18 August 2020.

Imagine for a moment Pilot Training that leveraged technologies aligned with everything we now know about how humans learn. In other words, human holistic approach to solve the environmental challenges in a way to enhance the individual learning experience. Thus my presentation will also share the feedback of participating pilots as trainees in this new learning environment. 

Captain Christof-J Kemény, Senior Training Advisor, OneTeamCockpit Initiative

• Provider of Competency Based Refresher Online Training during COVID-19 Operation including licensing for pilots in lockdown or furlough.

• Active Captain & TRI/TRE  A340, Lufthansa CityLine, Germany.

• Active Senior Examiner TRI/TRE Embarer 190/195.

• Aviation Consultant and Senior Training Advisor (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa Aviation Training, Helvetic Airways, Air Dolomiti).

• Co-Founder of the OneTeamCockpit Initiative with Cpt. Dr. Christian Popp, JetBlue Airways.

• Scientific Research Participant German Aerospace Agency.

• Engineering Degree in Aeronautical Engineering (Munich University of Applied Science).

• Head-up Display Technology Specialist with application in flight operation and training.

• Manager Cockpit Crew Training/Head of ATO with Lufthansa CityLine → 2014.

• Participant in research of future training and man-machine integration with MIT Boston.

• 24 years experience as simulator project and evaluation pilot incl. HUD certification.

• Over 15,000 hrs. as airline pilot in 30 years active airline experience with more than 6,000 hrs instructing.