Chris Starr & Bert Sawyer

Chris Starr, Product Director, FlightSmart, FlightSafety International

Christopher Starr graduated from the University of Maryland in 2006 with a Bachelor’s of Science and dual degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. Chris also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a concentration in global markets.

He was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps through Officer Candidate’s Course (OCC), graduating from Officer Candidate School (OCS) March 2009. Prior to joining the United States Marine Corps, Chris Starr was a Project Manager at NVR, Inc. He winged as a Naval Aviator on 17 June 2011. Chris completed active duty service aboard MCAS Camp Pendleton in June of 2019. Chris Starr has over 1,900 mishap free flight hours, of which, 620 hours were flown on NVGs.

Chris joined FlightSafety International as a Senior Product Manager in October of 2019, assigned to work on new technology development apart of their AI and Adaptive Learning team. The focus of this team is to revolutionize primary and advanced flight instruction with FlightSafety’s flagship product, FlightSmart®. Chris Starr has led efforts to implement the FlightSmart® technology for the USAF as well as lead strategic rollouts through FlightSafety’s world-class Learning Centers to enhance their commercial product offerings.

Chris is married to his beautiful wife Heather and they have a two-year-old son, Jack. He and his family relocated back to the east coast, currently residing in Richmond, VA.

Bert Sawyer, Director Strategic Management, FlightSafety International

Bert Sawyer is the director of FlightSafety’s Strategic Management and New Market Development. He has 30 years of experience across the commercial and government simulation and training industry.

Since joining FlightSafety in 1990, his focus was management and growth of government business, strategic planning, and business development, which have led to the success of numerous programs such as C-17, CV-22, and various AFSOC programs. 

Other roles include Logistics Engineering, Training and Instruction, and Field Support World Wide for FlightSafety.

In 2017, he took the role of Director of Strategic Management. In this role, his focus was to create and identify strategies and new growth areas across commercial and government business lines for FlightSafety.

His recent efforts include over sight of FlightSafety’s innovations such as FlightSmart, Mixed Reality FLight, and Mission Fit. FlightSafety’s FlightSmart uses AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) to advance pilot and aircrew training.

Prior to joining FlightSafety Bert served in the United States Air Force with the 41st Electronic Combat Squadron (Compass Call) specializing in Electronic Warfare systems and Combat Surveillance equipment. He ultimately transferred to the Tulsa Air National Guard.

Bert’s military experiences and diverse background have contributed to FlightSafety’s success in products and training.