About Global ATS-V 2020

Reset, Restart, Rebuild - Collaborating to Develop the Future of Aviation Training

Offering a distinct change from the normal Halldale live events portfolio, Global ATS-V is structured as an online conference and trade show, streaming around the world to fit with as many global time zones as possible. 

The pandemic-triggered global economic crisis has created an unprecedented challenge for the civil aviation industry. Flight schedules precipitously slashed. Airplanes parked. Nearly empty airports. And the human costs – employees furloughed, individuals and families thrown into uncertainty, financial straits, and mental stress. 

We are confident that the aviation industry will come back over time, one the pandemic is brought under control We believe the industry can become stronger than before, but it will take time. As a community of training and safety professionals, we cannot just wait for recovery to happen. We need to take steps to make it happen. And to develop an aviation future that is more efficient and effective than ever. 

Together, we must Reset, Restart, Rebuild

Now is the time to establish the foundation of aviation’s future. A level set of shared objectives and best practices. And to apply the accepted, evolving and emerging methodologies and tools which can take training to a higher-quality level: CBTA, EBTA, Big Data, AI, XR, virtuous feedback loops between operations and training, and more. 

As operational schedules resume and ramp up, airlines are re-thinking routes, fleets, procedures, personnel … and how to improve their teams and partnerships to better serve passengers and restore confidence in the flying experience. The early-days objectives of re-opening the skies must emphasize caution and safety, lest virus outbreaks or air incidents damage the industry reputation.

In recent years, the broad community of training professionals – across multiple industries and educational institutions – has made tremendous advances in understanding human interaction with complex machines and systems in safety-critical occupations. This is an ideal time to apply that research: to revamp the aviation training scheme as we rebuild the infrastructure and capacity … so we can seamlessly deal with the next shortage of skilled personnel which is sure to come. More effective because it will be more personalized and tailored. More cost-efficient because it will  yield a higher percentage of mission-ready professionals. 

To achieve our shared vision requires continuous collaboration among all the stakeholders in our community. The Global ATS-V is an opportunity for you to join your colleagues in civil aviation training as we continue this important journey together. 

To find out more about the Conference click here, and to become an Exhibitor click here. 

A Message from our CEO

• 27 hours of presentations from Regulatory, Airline, Training and Technical experts covering pilot, cabin crew and maintenance training

• An interactive virtual Exhibition showcasing the industry’s latest emerging technologies and services

• Q&A sessions 

• Regular breaks to connect and communicate with colleagues, peers and tradeshow hosts